Tonkatsu ENbiton

The first tonkatsu restaurant in Singapore to serve exquisite quality Yuzu Pork

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A unique culinary haven that goes beyond being just another ordinary tonkatsu restaurant. Tonkatsu ENbiton is a combination of ‘EN’ referring to a gathering place, and ‘biton’ meaning beauty.

What is 特別 special about Yuzu Pork?

Reared on the fertile land of Kagoshima prefecture in Japan, the pigs are fed local yuzu which is added to their general feed. This adds to the nutrition level of the pork – rich in vitamin c, pectin and citric acid.

The tender meat also holds a higher melting point of fat hence the umami flavour is retained even when it’s deep-fried.

How to Enjoy Tonkatsu?

The traditional way of enjoying the rich and fried flavour of tonkatsu.

Roasted Sesame Seeds


Grind the roasted sesame seeds and add them to your tonkatsu sauce for an extra fragrant and flavourful touch. Experience the traditional way of enjoying tonkatsu by dipping the meat into the tonkatsu sauce.

Grated Daikon Radish

Oroshi Tonkatsu

Grated daikon radish mixed with yuzu ponzu dressing. Pair both daikon and tonkatsu for a refreshing and tangy flavour.

Miso Sauce

Miso Tonkatsu

For a rich and savoury umami flavour that enhances the crispy and fried texture of your pork katsu, try pairing it with a delicious miso sauce.

Cabbage and arugula

Cabbage and Arugula

Mix the light and crunchy cabbage and arugula with the roasted sesame sauce. The mixed greens cleanses your palate and balance out the rich and fried flavour of the tonkatsu.


Tsukemono (Pickles)

Recommended to pair it with rice. It adds a refreshing and tangy taste to the dish and helps to refresh your taste buds and balance out the rich and fried flavour of the tonkatsu.

Miso Soup

Tonjiro (Pork Miso Soup)

Our Tonjiru (pork miso soup) is prepared with savoury pork and vegetables. Best paired with tonkatsu to balance out the fried texture of the pork katsu.

Deep-fry to Perfection

Our chefs skilfully deep-fry each piece of Yuzu Pork to perfection, achieving a crispy exterior and tender interior that guarantees a mouth-watering experience with every bite.